Just us...
3 aflevering - 32 min

Chelsea and Desiree have been curious about what it would be like to open their relationship and explore their sexuality together. Who knew that all it would take was one morning spent fucking and fantasizing to finally get them to take the leap? Lucky for them, they connect with a woman who is the essence of sexual freedom and becomes the perfect addition. But what will they get up to, and with who?

1. Just us two
Desiree wakes up wet from a dream and Chelsea is right there to help her baby wake up, fully. The little twist? That dream involved another woman, and Chelsea can’t help but fantasize about what that would look like... and feel like. It’s safe becaus
10 min
2. Just us three
Turns out Chelsea and Desiree made it past the fantasy and are finally having Anastasia over. Both are pretty nervous, but Anastasia knows just how to relax them and let them fully live in the moment... all three, at once.
10 min
3. Just us four
Chelsea and Desiree can’t get enough of Anastasia, maybe one more play date couldn't hurt? This time, Anastasia has a surprise... and his name is Leo. Once again, Anastasia helps put everyone at ease, while making sure the tension stays hot.
12 min